Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

Last Michigan post...

We went pumpkin picking.
 And J had a blast.  He wanted all of them.
But we sold him on 2.  One big, one little.
Next morning, we talked grandpa into helping us cut one. 

He warned us it would go bad, and it did, but cutting was so much fun.
Although, the child who refused to enjoy his smash cake, because it got his hands dirty.  Literally cried when I tried to show him what to do, holding up his hands to be wiped.  Left most of the pumpkin cleaning to Mommy & Grandpa. 
He thought it was awesome to watch & say "EWWW!" when Grandpa came up with a handful of pumpkin guts.
And for two weeks, we had a blast lighting this guy every night before bed.

And the other one?  We are waiting till closer to Halloween to cut & light him.

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