Monday, August 31, 2009

Enter... Baby J

On February 9, 2008, Mr. M & I welcomed a healthy baby boy – Jacob Matthew.

Since this is historical... I know I am short changing his first year, and for that I am so very sorry... All I can say is - "I promise to do better"....

My last belly pic, taken the night before delivery.... (38 weeks 6 days)


Birth: 7lbs. 15ozs. & 21in.

1 mo: 10lbs. 4ozs. & 21.5in.

2 mo: 12lbs. 6ozs. & 23in.

3 mo: 14lbs. 6ozs. & 25in. - you were already my seasoned traveler....

6 mo: 18lbs. 9ozs. & 28.5in. - crawling

@ 7 months

@ 8 months - your Baptism 10.26.2008 @ St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church

....and here with your Godmother Aunt K (P) & Godfather Uncle J (M)

9 mo: 20lbs. 12ozs. & 30in.
We did your 9 month pics as our Holiday card.... You were already showing signs of that mischief that so totally makes you who you are....

12 mo: 22lbs. 14ozs. & 31in. - walking


oh... how I love you.... my dear sweet son...

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