Sunday, May 18, 2014

He won a sword. An actual sword.

Last summer, we started J in a mixed martial arts class.  We did it for discipline.  We did it for exercise.  We did it for strength training.

What we didn't know at the time was J would take to it much like a duck to water (so to speak).  He loves it.  And he's good at it.  So when he was invited to train at a Combat Athlete level, and J wanted to do it... So of course, Mr. M & I agreed.  He has worked so hard, between going to school full days, plus before & after school most days - then training for an hour 3 nights a week.  On top of that, he likes to work out at home. 
Our always lean boy, as become very strong. 

All that hard work paid off in full on May 3rd.

J was invited by his coach to compete at the North American Grappling Association NAGA competition on May 3rd.

At his coach's recommendation, we signed him up for both informal no-GI and formal GI competitions.

And a medal.

And a patch.

Needless to say, he's pretty proud.

The whole Extreme Martial Arts team did awesome. 

I am honored to have been there to support him & his fellow teammates that day.

Mommy love!!!!

ps - you can find J on page 3 pic 19 & page 7 pic 23 for the formal Championship pictures. 

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