Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Um, No. Not cool.

Less than 2 weeks before the first of two weddings J is in this summer, he proudly comes home with a tattoo. 

From school.  This school that I LOVE.

On his neck.
And no one could tell Miss Cheryl how this happened.

I was flipping out... However, employing all my skills to rationalize, I calmly asked the morning teachers before sharing how I felt...

She owned up to it right away.  A fellow classmate did bring them (J got that right), but the teacher actually put it on after many reassurances from Jacob that his mommy wouldn't care.

I let her know, I did, especially due to the location.  And J learned the hard way, as both Miss Cheryl & I scrubbed it off... I said, next time it has to be on his leg.  That way I can cover it up, if we need to go into public.  She assured me it would not happen again. 

I did learn though, a temporary tattoo may very well work to be the "be good" bribe during the ceremony...

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