Friday, June 22, 2012

Ocean's Adventure Week

This week J got to lean all things related to the Ocean.  He's been in the Gulf, which for purposes of helping him understand we've equated to the Ocean.  I think being able to relate his experience helped make this week even more fun for him.

He's tasted salt water.  They were not supposed to swallow it, but J proudly announced he took a big shark drink.  So awesome!  It was yucky.

He's learned about Sea Turtles, which of course led to me book shopping... I've started adding some of his books to my iPad app, and thinking of starting one for him too... I love books, and I love he has developed the same love... However, sometimes, it is just easier to have them e-version... This weekend is a great example as we travel to my parents.

He's so full of facts.  Seeing pictures of different sea creatures & telling me what they are randomly.  A sting ray was on the Octonots this morning, as I was getting ready for work & he was hanging out in my bed waiting for me to make breakfast & he started naming the Ocean animals as he saw them.  This makes my mornings so much fun.

With our pool, he is becoming such a little fish... He would swim all day every day if you let him.  He seriously cannot get enough of the water.  And the best part...  It is an activity where we just turn

And I get to add this to my home decor: 
Art by J.  Love it!!!

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