Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

Ugh, I'm so bummed, we still have not fixed our computer since the epic water spill... But, I wanted to get some pix's posted of Halloween, so I've resolved myself - iPhone pictures will have to make the cake for now...

Night before school party, mommy decided it was time to make sure the costume fit... It was a size 6, but it fit perfectly. 
 We used the boots from the costume for actual Trick or Treating, as they fit over his sneakers & I thought those would be more comfortable for walking our neighborhood with Grandma M & Aunt Liz (plus our neighbors)...

J has since scored a pair of Woody *true* cowboy boots to wear all over our home... :)  Love him!
 And by walk around our neighborhood, I really mean run.  As with the previous year, I only had him do our street both sides, I did expand up one street, then we came home to refill the bowl left on our porch & hand out candy.  I love that he prefers to hand out candy as to receive loads of it.
Especially since I've become a mean mom who slowly doles out real candy...

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